Industrial Improvement Project of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Technology
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major tasks:::
  1. Guidance to SMEs on working environment improvement
    • Provided guidance on diagnostic consultation to200 factories.
    • Provided guidance on engineering improvement to 43 factories.
  2. Guidance on promotion of SHMAS in the industrial parks
    • Provided guidance on emergency responses in the mutual aid system: Completed reviewing chemicals and provided guidance on emergency preparedness to 100 high-risk factories, held a drill of emergency response in SHMAS, rehearsed and tested on accident communication.
    • Provided guidance on organization of SHMAS: held three times of conferences each for orientation and promotional workshops.
    • Expansion and maintenance of SHMAS online network: compiled contact information of 3000 member factories, updated MSDS on chemicals and emergency preparedness.
    • Emergency response and database: networked text message/fax system within the industrial park for speedier communication.
  3. Guidance on risk management:
    • Provided technical guidance on OSH management systems to 5 factories (with at least 4 different processing procedures), helped factories establish OSH management systems, and established at least one model factory selected from the recipient factories for each process procedure.
    • Selected three central factories and more than 15 downstream or peripheral factories from various processing procedures, and helped central factories establish mutual aid systems based on the model of safety and health synergy system in order to promote safety culture. All these three central factories were built into model factories.
    • Provided technical guidance on capacity analyses of chemical emergency preparedness in three industrial parks (with more than 150 factories in production), completed with preliminary risk assessment and analyses of required capacity for emergency preparedness, according to their individual risk characters, on-site visits, scenario studies, and collected information on fire protection, environmental protection, and chemicals used in the industrial parks etc.
  4. Research on regulations and international safety and health trends: Completed 2 research sessions on regulations and 2 reports on international safety and health trends.
  5. Other promotions and campaigns: held 3 safety-week campaigns and one guidance outcome exhibition.
  6. Administrative compliance.

Keywords: safety and health guidance, working environment improvement, safety and health mutual aid system (SHMAS)